Do Not Call Registry

From time to time, we at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance send various policy related information to those customers who we believe will find them interesting and beneficial. This information is sent in the form of letters, e-mails or phone calls.

We respect your privacy and appreciate that some of our customers may not want to be contacted over the phone or email for our marketing activities. If you are one of our customers who do not want to be contacted by us then please register through this form.

By registering for the Do Not Call (DNC) facility, you will not receive unsolicited commercial calls for telemarketing and emails of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance products/services, post 15 days from such registration. DNC registration will bar unsolicited calls / emails for ICICI Prudential products and services and is not applicable for the product and services of ICICI group companies and other institutions.

Further please note that upon registering for DNC, you shall continue to receive telephone calls or SMS and emails (other than promotional messages) of transactions, payment reminders, etc. for which you may consent to at the time of application or otherwise for the said products/ services. Unsolicited commercials calls / emails will not include such messages as may be transmitted on the directions of the Government of India.

If, however, you still receive any unwelcome calls/ emails, please write to us at Please mention the phone number or email ID from which the call/email was received.

If you are our customer, you may receive services - related SMS and email alerts, not withstanding your DNC mandate.